Hokkaido Tour Guide-Interpreter Association

特定非営利活動法人 北海道通訳案内士協会 HoTGIA


英語 / English

会員番号 113

言語 英語
年齢 40代
自宅 苫小牧市
携帯電話 090-8705-6574
E-mail irankarapte@satohitomi.sakura.ne.jp
Fax 0144-53-5335
名前 / ふりがな 佐藤 一美 さとう ひとみ
資格 2016年通訳案内士 知事登録EN00238号 
所属団体 北海道通訳案内士協会
対応可能地域 全国
前職、得意分野 秘書、通訳、留学コンサルタントを経て、現在、NPO法人エクスプローラー北海道代表理事及び小学校英語講師
受講済研修会 2016~2018年通訳案内士 スキルアップ研修会
D: ガイド業務未経験
Language English
Age 40s
Home Tomakomai City, Hokkaido
Cellular Phone 090-8705-6574
E-mail irankarapte@satohitomi.sakura.ne.jp
Fax 0144-53-5335
Name Hitomi SATO
Qualifications National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter in 2016 (EN00238)
Certified General Travel Services Manager (30-16)
Groups I belong to Hokkaido Tour Guide Interpreter Association
Starting year as a guide  
Available Business Area nationwide
Major tour guiding experience
during last one year
Former job,
Field of expertise
Experienced coordinator of international events and conferences, expos for students, businesses and local governments. Currently manager of a Non-profit organization and a part‐time English teacher at elementary schools in Tomakomai.
Achieved the 2nd grade the Test of World Heritage Study. Have extensive knowledge and experience of crime prevention, environmental education, renewable energy, educational programs, traditional food, and community development.
Tour guide workshops I attended Skill Up workshop sponsored by Hokkaido Tourism Organization (e-learning 2016-2018)